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DISTRIBUTION & SUPPLY Magazine remains the only independent Canadian voice of Canada's electrical channel. D&S provides distribution personnel valuable information so they can do their jobs better and run their businesses more profitably. Here are some of the stories featured in our Spring 2014 editions:

Spring 2014 (Vol. 6, Issue 1)*

“30% of independent manufacturer reps face extinction” by Tom O’Connor and TJ O’Connor

“Are our customers better off for having known us?” by Jim Baston

“e-Relationships: driving business in the connected world” - EFC Electrical Council Annual Conference Info

“Price objection? What price objection?” by Dr. Rick Johnson

“The story of Evan: maker of lists” by Rick McCarten

“Putting powerful reps to work for you” by Jean-Sébastien Bercier

“9 steps to electrifying your media coverage” by Jennifer Salo

* Bonus Distribution: EFC Electrical Council Conference
* Bonus Distribution: IED Annual General Meeting


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