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3M Cold Shrink QS4 Integrated Splice reduces field prep time

September 19, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


September 19, 2013 – For power utilities and utility contractors, 3M says its Cold Shrink QS4 integrated splice’s features include an integrated design that reduces ‘parking space’ and simplifies installation, an easy-pulling, smooth-edged yellow core and a new, craft-friendly re-jacketing tube that eliminates additional core and the need for grease.

A customizable, factory-installed ground braid and fewer components further reduce field prep time, says the company, adding that, once installed, a cold shrink splice creates a “superior” electrical interface without sealants, adhesives or additional tools. Each splice is tested for partial discharge and 1 min. AC withstand in the 3M factory before it is shipped. The new splice kits are available for 15, 25/28 and 35 kV JCN, flat strap neutral, tape shield and LC shield cables, and cover conductor ranges up to 1000 kcmil.

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