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ULC develops Canadian standard for electric utility workplace electrical safety
ULC Standards just published a new standard for electric utility workplace electrical safety that applies to workers who deal with the construction, operation, maintenance and replacement of electric utility. READ...

Stop dithering... S&D 2010 Conference just a week away
Now is the time to stop dithering and start making plans to attend the Supply & Distribution Annual Conference in marvelous Kelowna, B.C., next week—June 2-5. EBMag's Distribution & Supply mag will be there, hot off the press. READ...

Hydro Ottawa champions hands-on health & safety
Policies and procedures may help sustain a safe workplace but, for Hydro Ottawa, a practical approach—including equipment inspection and emergency rescue techniques— reinforces the importance of health and safety for its outside employees. READ...

Going digital... Techspan appoints ElecDirect as online distributor
Techspan Industries has appointed U.S.-based as an authorized online distributor of its products. READ...

Venture Lighting Institute encourages metal halide debate
VLI (Venture Lighting Institute) is gearing up for another great debate when, on June 30, 2010, students attending VLI get to debate lighting trends in lighting design competing against Venture’s niche technology: pulse-start metal halide. READ...

“Buy Authentic” anti-counterfeiting campaign launched
Eaton, Schneider Electric and Siemens joined forces with Electro-Federation Canada to raise awareness of the risks and hazards associated with counterfeit and unsafe electrical products. READ...

Anixter’s Peter LeVoy grabs Ross Cotton
BICSI concluded its Canadian conference in Montreal, and awarded the Ross Cotton Canadian Region Award to Anixter’s Peter LeVoy. READ...

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Convectair 1500W Piccolo electric bathroom heater
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Standard Products 3W MR16 and 4W GU10 LED lamps
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Arlington LV1LP non-metallic mounting brackets
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Calendar of Events:

BCEA Home & Builders Electrical Expo - June 1, Kelowna, B.C.

S&D Annual Conference - June 2-5, Kelowna, B.C.

IED Annual General Meeting - June 14-16, Jasper, Alta.

Smart Grid Interoperability Summit - June 15-16, Toronto, Ont.

CSA Annual Conference - June 20-22, St. John’s, Nfld.

ECAO Annual Conference - June 23-27, Kingston, Ont.

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