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Special Video Documentary: Researching & Treating Invisible Electrical Injury at St. John’s Rehab
As promised, EBMag and sister magazine, COS, deliver a special video documentary about the work being conducted at St. John’s Rehab in Toronto: a clinic investigating and treating the invisible electrical injury.
A big thanks to sponsors CSA and IPEX. WATCH...

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“Electricity COOKS” - The cookbook that will shock you!
Hungry for Change (HFC) is working on an industry cookbook called “Electricity Cooks”, which will feature recipes from executives within Canada’s electrical industry. And you’re invited to participate! READ...

Booyah! Electric Heating Ban proposal withdrawn
Last month we reported that EEMAC had created a coalition to stop the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Committee from banning the use of electric heating. So how did it end? READ...

Electrofed seeking new leader as Milos Jancik steps down
Milos Jancik, current president & CEO of Electro-Federation Canada, is stepping down at the end of the year after several years of service. Want the job? READ...

Jeff Krakowiak to lead Eaton Electrical in Canada
Eaton Corp.’s Jeff Krakowiak has been named vice-president and general manager-Canada for its Electrical Sector Americas Region effective August 15. He will report to Rich Stinson, president, Power Distribution Division. So where is Steve Boccadoro going? READ...

T&B, Osram, Eddy Group and EECOL among top IED members and suppliers
At the recent Independent Electrical Distributors AGM, top-of-class members and suppliers were honoured for their commitments to business excellence, and to each other. Who won what? READ...

Schneider’s Alan Taaffe now marketing & business development manager for Buildings
Schneider Electric has appointed Alan Taaffe to manager, marketing and business development of the newly formed Buildings business in Canada. So what’s he supposed to be doing? READ...

EBMag is your go-to Web Resource
With so much stuff out there on the internet, it’s becomes difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. How is EBMag helping you cut through the fluff? READ...

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Standard extreme-temperature T8 and T5HO ballasts
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Cooper B-Line Arista solar PV flat roof mounting system
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Ideal non-conductive multi-bit screwdriver
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OEL Golf Tournament - August 11, Nobleton, Ont.

EFC Atlantic Region Golf Tournament - August 12, Moncton, N.B.

3rd Annual Canadian Conference of Training Directors - CECA/IBEW - August 22, Saskatoon, Sask.

EFC Charity Golf Tournament - August 23, Milton, Ont.

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