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Act now on Safety Codes Act 2014 consultation!

August 26, 2014 | By Anthony Capkun

August 26, 2014 – Thanks to Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta (ECAA) for letting us know of a survey that is part of the Safety Codes Act 2014 Stakeholder Consultation, and the deadline to have your say is September 8, 2014.

Alberta’s Municipal Affairs and Safety Codes Council recently held information sessions in St. Albert, Calgary, Peace River and Lethbridge to present some of the key concepts being considered in this consultation. (Download the presentation below.)

The Safety Codes Act regulates and establishes the administration for 10 safety disciplines, which include electrical and fire protection, among others.

Feedback from the 2009 Safety Codes Act Stakeholder Consultation supported increases to the maximum fines for offences under the SCA and the addition of a three-year limitation period for offences under the act. These changes were implemented as part of the Protection and Compliance Statutes Amendment Act, 2012.


This current survey is part of the Safety Codes Act 2014 Stakeholder Consultation, which will build on the information provided to the ministry in 2009. Topics covered in this survey are:

• Municipal responsibility for administering the SCA
• Municipal authority to manage risks using prescribed solutions
• Safety Codes Council permitting and permit-related inspections function
• Monetary penalties
• Appeal process for variance refusals

Again, the consultation (survey) deadline is September 8, 2014.

The survey consists of 13 questions and Comment boxes, as well as a respondent profile. A glossary of terms has been provided for your background. Once you start the survey, you can save your progress at any time. If you cannot complete the survey in one session, an email link will be automatically sent to you to resume your session. Please ensure to return and complete the survey as only completed surveys will be included in the final results.

After completing the survey, you must click on the FINISH button for your feedback and input to be included in the consultation results. Once you submit your feedback and input, you will not be able to open the survey again.

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