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Alliance says consumers continue to embrace Wi-Fi technology

January 10, 2011  By Anthony Capkun

January 10, 2011

While consumers’ hopes for certain futuristic technologies have not yet come to fruition, they have embraced other technologies they never anticipated would become commonplace, such as Wi-Fi. That according to a new poll conducted by Wakefield Research in conjunction with the Wi-Fi Alliance.

The poll shows that consumer appetite for Wi-Fi-enabled gadgets has expanded in the last two years, and analyst reports indicate sales momentum is expected to continue over the next several years.

“Wi-Fi technology unleashes our imagination, and we have only begun to
see the countless ways in which it will evolve,” said Edgar Figueroa,
CEO of the Wi-Fi Alliance. “Our industry continues to innovate to keep
pace with the connectivity requirements of a wide range of applications
and, consequently, the next few years will see significant expansions in
Wi-Fi performance capabilities and ease of use.”



Two-year consumer preference tracking data from the Wi-Fi Alliance poll
illustrates growing demand for Wi-Fi technology in a variety of devices.
62% of respondents said they will make sure their next cell phone is
Wi-Fi-enabled, up from 43% in December 2008. 65% of respondents said it
is likely they will seek Wi-Fi capability in every tech item they buy in

ABI Research reports that, in 2010, Wi-Fi shipments grew to 761 million
products—a 29% increase from 2009. Growth in Wi-Fi-enabled products is
also reflected in the continued increase of Wi-Fi device certifications.
In 2010, the highest-volume year ever for Wi-Fi Alliance
certifications, 62% more devices were Wi-Fi Certified than in 2009.

“Devices such as cellular handsets, netbooks, TVs and portable music
players saw the largest increase in Wi-Fi technology inclusion in 2010,”
said Philip Solis, research director for mobile devices at ABI
Research. “We estimate that Wi-Fi device shipments will continue to rise
globally, surpassing two billion by 2015.”

The alliance says the Wi-Fi industry has its sights set on increasing
Wi-Fi throughput and range, with upcoming certification programs for
Wi-Fi in the 60 GHz frequency band and Very High Throughput (VHT) Wi-Fi
in 5 GHz.

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