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Altec launches DT105 and DH-H series digger derricks

January 18, 2016 | By Renée Francoeur

January 18, 2016 – Altec has released two new digger derricks, the DT105 and the DH-H series, which will be available as a DH45H, DH48H, and DH50H.

The DT105 is a “hydraulically-actuated, continuous rotation, heavy-duty transmission” digger derrick designed with steel load-bearing structures. It is the largest digger derrick in Altec’s DT series, reaching a height of 105 ft. This unit is well suited for transmission maintenance and construction, Altec says, and has a 60,000 lb maximum capacity.

The DH-H is the fully hydraulic version of Altec’s new DH product family. It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio within Altec’s digger derrick product line, the company claims, and is the only derrick to have a zone rated capacity system that will allow the operator to lift more weight off of the back than the sides when on a single axle chassis. The units in the DH-H series offer sheave height options for all uses and also feature a boom capacity up to 16,050 lb at a 10 ft load radius (depending on model).

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