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Ambit Microsystems undergoing change

February 20, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

NETcomm has learned that Ambit Microsystems, a supplier of communications products to service providers, is about to undergo a rebranding. Here are the details:

the coming month, the new company brand will be phased into Ambit’s
product housings and documentation. (Some products will not reflect the
new brand immediately due to existing inventory and manufacturing
plans.) Model numbers for existing products will not be impacted.

products’ internal Web interface will reflect the new brand through
scheduled maintenance releases. These updates will be made as part of
normal firmware maintenance releases throughout 2009 to minimize
operator QA efforts. All products submitted to operators beginning in
March will reflect the new brand.

company e-mail addresses will be introduced as part of the rebranding.
However, existing Ambit e-mail addresses will continue to operate
normally for several months afterward. General company contact
information (i.e. names, addresses, phone numbers) remain the same.

products’ internal firmware System Descriptors (SYS Descriptors) will
not change, in an effort to minimize impact to customers’ internal
provisioning systems.

and all other accounts payable/receivable systems will reflect the new
brand following its launch in March. The company says it will “work
with each customer to avoid disruptions during the transition”, adding
that account numbers and related funds transfer references will not
change. “There will also be a grace period allowed by our banking
institutions, during which both Ambit and the new company name will be
accepted in parallel,” concludes Ambit.

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