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American Dryer unveils Cold Plasma Clean hygienic eXtremeAir hand dryers

November 18, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


November 5, 2013 – American Dryer recently unveiled a new product that incorporates patent-pending Cold Plasma Clean (CPC) technology into its hand dryers, claiming these warm-air dryers will “advance cleanliness in restrooms” and markets such as healthcare, schools and food processing.

“CPC kills germs on and around your hands naturally, without chemicals,” said Michael Robert, VP of sales & technology. Cold plasma (a.k.a. bipolar ionization) , is “nature’s way of cleaning the air and killing germs”, says the company. The Cold Plasma Generator (available inside select eXtremeAir models) uses steady-state positive and negative discharge points to split water molecules in the air into oppositely charged hydrogen and oxygen ions. These ions then break down gases to harmless compounds commonly found in the atmosphere.

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