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AOMS acquires Brickeye; Tim Angus named CEO

September 16, 2021 | By Anthony Capkun

“Water is the new fire; electricians never work in a perfect water-safe environment.”

September 16, 2021 – AOMS Technologies, a player in IoT sensing solutions (and creators of the LumiCon Smart Construction Platform) has acquired Brickeye, a construction risk forecast platform.

AOMS’s platform already provides a host of monitoring capabilities and real-time insights for things like equipment utilization, energy consumption, material location tracking, activity monitoring in hazardous areas, and structural damage and failure detection.

By integrating Brickeye, AOMS can now provide monitoring and analysis related to gas and water leaks, environmental challenges, noise levels, and other issues that could present compliance and insurance risk.

“Water is the new fire; electricians never work in a perfect water-safe environment,” notes Diogo Beltran, founder of Brickeye. “The presence of water sensors in key locations has been a critical safety control, providing foremen and supervisors immediate alerts on increased risk of electrocution, fire or damaged equipment.”

Detecting an unexpected or unaccounted shift in water overnight, or during a weekend, could be a sign that water is leaking into a whole suite or floor, continued Beltran. “A reliable sensor system enables early detection and a rapid response. Millions of dollars can be saved by avoiding damage and reducing insurance premiums.”

Contractors can reduce their insurance premiums, says AOMS, while insurance providers benefit from a reduced number of claims thanks to more stringent monitoring, mitigation and compliance practices.

“In the end, having all these different sensors in one platform de-risks a construction project by providing a safer work environment,” Beltran concludes.

Brickeye will maintain its name and be fully integrated into the larger suite of AOMS construction monitoring tools.

In other company news, AOMS also announced the appointment of Tim Angus as CEO, while AOMS co-founder, Hamid Alemohammad, assumes the role of COO, focusing on “operational excellence and managing new market launches”.

“Tim is incredibly connected and committed to AOMS’s mission and vision, having worked closely with AOMS as a mentor and consultant for over three years,” said Alemohammad.

“I’m excited to step into a leadership position at AOMS as we grow into new markets,” said Angus. “By expanding our offering to include risk mitigation, forecasting, and compliance, we’re further helping contractors transition to more modernized site monitoring.”

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