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Audio Beyond Communications Across Network Lines

October 25, 2022 | By Staff

IP communication systems are becoming more prevalent in everyday life, both in the public domain and private sector. TOA Canada, a leader in audio broadcasting, proudly introduces the IP-A1 Network Paging System, a modular and scalable system that combines project flexibility for small to large structures with user-friendly installation and configuration.

IP-A1 series IP endpoints adopt common industrial standard protocols for its audio communications and controls, which helps to establish fully integrated systems by communicating not only between IP-A1 series devices but also with external devices and platforms such as SIP phone, security VMS (Video Management Software), Access Control or Sensing systems. Engineers, designers and even building managers will quickly observe the features and benefits of the IP-A1, which will enhance public announcements and emergency notifications. Intended for facilities that require a new system or an overhaul of their current ineffective system, this cost effective option will garner much interest.

IP-A1 series assembles a variety of commercial-grade IP audio endpoints, which operate as an independent audio system or a fully integrated audio communication system. The system utilizes ONVIF to integrate to VMS system and easily accesses SIP devices over servers. It allows for setting priority in the order you required as well as volume adjustments through the Browser UI. The IP-A1 sends commands via HTTP and remote API to trigger messages, alarms and scheduled timers to speakers, zones or groups of zones.

Adding an endpoint or group of endpoints into a commercial communication system brings it to the next level for being capable of versatile audio communications over the network. The IP-A1 series is suited for a variety of facilities in various markets.


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