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Avlite releases solar LED elevated runway guard light

April 6, 2015
By Renée Francoeur


April 6, 2015 – Avlite Systems recently announced the release of its solar LED elevated runway guard light (ERGL): a unidirectional, yellow, alternately flashing fixture that provides a warning to pilots and vehicles that they are approaching an active runway.

The solar ERGL installs “in minutes” with no trenching, cabling, or mains power required, and can be “easily and quickly relocated,” according to Avlite.

The ERGL provides 24-hour marking for runway and taxiway intersections with 45-50 alternating yellow flashes per minute located at the hold position. The ERGL is typically installed as a pair, with one on either side of the taxiway holding position. It can also be used as traffic lights on airport service roads and are available in traffic red, traffic yellow or other custom colours as required.

The two optical assemblies use energy-efficient, high-intensity LEDs and the light beam elevation is adjustable in one degree increments. The solar module can also be angled to maximise solar collection to charge the battery.


Avlite is an aviation lighting systems manufacturer headquartered in Australia.

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