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B.A. Robinson • A 2016 Best Managed Company (Platinum)

May 27, 2016 | By Anthony Capkun

Left to right: Matt Robinson, VP, Sales; Ross Robinson, president & CEO; Shea Robinson, executive VP & GM. Photo courtesy B.A. Robinson.

May 27, 2016 – “We are very proud to be recognized as a Platinum Member […] for the 12th consecutive year. Our success as a company is testament to the quality of our teams and dedication to customer success, at all locations,” says 5th generation Robinson, Shea, executive vice-president & general manager of B.A Robinson & Co. Ltd.

Best Managed companies embrace innovation, seize opportunities and inspire talent. EBMag reached out to all of the electrical industry players* who made the grade, hoping to learn a little more about what it is they are doing right, and why the distinction of being a Best Managed company matters to them and, truly, should matter to us all.

To read the full article with all the Best Managed electrical companies, check out the Spring 2016 edition of Distribution & Supply. Meantime, back to B.A. Robinson, a member of the Best Managed Platinum Club.

Not bad for a company that traces its roots to a form of lighting from 1850; Thomas Robinson started off as a chandler (candlemaker) in Montreal around that time. His son, William Wadby Robinson, moved to Winnipeg, establishing a lighting agency business in 1919. B.A. Robinson says this venture is recognized as the first to supply prewired lighting fixtures in Western Canada.


The distributorship B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd. was founded in 1936 by Burt A. Robinson (3rd generation) to supply lighting products to the residential and commercial construction market. For 37 years, Burt continued to grow the business, then was joined by his two sons (4th generation) in the early 1970s.

In 1973, Burt’s two sons—Ross and Bruce—acquired the company, which continued to supply electrical products, then later plumbing and heating products.

“We’re very fortunate to work alongside the most helpful and talented people in our industry,” says Shea. B.A. Robinson Co. Ltd. is a member of Electro-Federation Canada.

FYI… Best Managed awards are granted on five levels

1. Best Managed: One of the new winners selected each year.

2. Requalified member. Repeat winners retain the Best Managed designation for two additional years, subject to annual operational and financial review.

3. Gold Standard winner. After three consecutive years of maintaining their Best Managed status, these winners have demonstrated their commitment to the program and successfully reapplied for the designation.

4. Gold Requalified member. Gold Standard winners may requalify for two additional years, subject to annual operational and financial review.

5. Platinum Club member. Winners that maintain Best Managed status for a minimum of six consecutive years.

* For the purposes of D&S specifically, we only highlighted electrical manufacturers and distributors operating in Canada.

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