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Battery-Operated Hornet Light provides durable illumination

January 2, 2020 | By Kavita Sabharwal-Chomiuk

Photo: Lind Equipment

Lind Equipment, manufacturer of temporary portable lighting, has announced the release of its new Battery-Operated Hornet Light. The redesigned LED task light is now available in a more compact and durable package than ever before. The 6” light features pre-installed magnets and a 180-degree rotatable bracket for easy placement.

The battery-operated light produces 1700 lumens using only 15W of power. The high-efficiency LED light will run for three hours on full power, six hours on low power, and will continue to operate while charging. The product comes standard with three different rechargeable options: an AC adapter, DC car adapter and a USB cable. In addition, Lind includes an option to charge a cellphone with the light’s battery while it continues to run.

The durable light boasts an IP65 weatherproof rating and is able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees without failing. When tested, the light also surpassed military drop-test requirements.

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