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BC Hydro and Hudson’s Hope reach agreement

January 13, 2017
By Renée Francoeur


January 13, 2017 – BC Hydro and the District of Hudson’s Hope announced they have reached a “partnering relationship agreement” in regards to Site C mitigation and compensation.

Through this agreement, BC Hydro will establish a new community engagement committee and has made a number of commitments:

• Work together with the district and fund the revitalisation of a residential sub-division that will provide additional serviced lots, supporting long term housing options for the community and BC Hydro’s local employee attraction and retention efforts.
• Build and maintain a demonstration home in the revitalized neighbourhood and make it available to a local doctor or other essential community services professionals.
• Build and operate a permanent boat launch, including a seasonal dock and day use area, at the base of DA Thomas Road.
• Provide approximately $1-million in funding to the district, including:
     – A one-time donation of $268,000 to establish a Community Trust Fund to support community facilities and infrastructure.
     – A one-time payment of $442,000 in recognition of lands affected by the Site C project.
     – $150,000 for enhancement of Alwin Holland Park or other community shoreline recreation areas.
     – A contribution of $80,000 to support making updates to  community plans to reflect the construction and operation of the Site C project.
     – Provide a one-time contribution of $20,000 to support emergency rescue services.

“Hudson’s Hope is important to BC Hydro and our employees. For over 50 years, Hudson’s Hope has provided a welcoming community and home for our employees and their families, including my own, as they support our operations in the Peace Region,” said Mark Poweska, a senior vice-president with BC Hydro. “We are pleased to support the revitalisation of a new subdivision within the District of Hudson’s Hope which will be home to many families in the future.”


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