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BC Hydro debuts ABB and Eaton DC fast-charge electric vehicle network

October 31, 2013 | By Anthony Capkun

October 31, 2013 – Greenlots—a provider of open standards-based technology solutions for electric vehicle (EV) networks—reports that its SKY network management solution has been selected by BC Hydro to manage a provincial network of DC fast chargers (DCFC). The initial rollout will include 13 chargers supplied by ABB and Eaton.

“The installation of more charging locations with faster charging rates will allow greater freedom for EV owners and enable inter-urban travel,” said Kip Morison, CTO with BC Hydro. “The deployment of this infrastructure brings British Columbia to the forefront of EV adoption in North America.”

The DC Fast Charger Project, announced in January 2013, was funded by the provincial government under the Clean Energy Vehicle Program to provide EV owners across the province with an accessible network of charging options. To date, 13 communities have agreed to serve as site hosts and charging station operators for the chargers.

“Our goal is to provide BC Hydro with Eaton EV charging station solutions that enable easy access to control and monitor charging activities using an open charging protocol,” said Kevin McIntyre, business development manager, Eaton’s Electrical Sector, Canada. “Greenlots’ SKY open standards platform makes that possible.”


Based on Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP), SKY allows site hosts the flexibility to mix and match hardware and software vendors to suit their specific needs while providing full access to programs as well as the ability to monitor charging station activity. The DC fast chargers running on SKY allow drivers to charge their cars—free from subscription-based issues—and offer payment options for credit cards via mobile apps, RFID cards, pay-by-phone or card swipe.

“We’re pleased to be working with BC Hydro in sustainable mobility initiatives that deploy EV charging infrastructure and ensure a smarter grid,” said Cal Lankton, director of EV charging infrastructure for ABB’s North American operations. “We’re also a major proponent of the open standards approach to EV infrastructure and platforms like SKY that future-proof chargers for site hosts.”

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