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Belden F BNC and RCA compression connectors and cable assemblies

August 4, 2010 | By

Belden has introduced a line of F, BNC and RCA compression connectors and tools, along with the availability of standard and custom-configured cable assemblies.

The compression connectors are tuned to Belden coaxial cable tolerances for “maximum signal reliability and performance for audio/video, safety and security applications,” according to Belden. Also when used with Belden cables, the Limited Lifetime Warranty on the connectors is extended past the regular 10-year warranty. All three types of connectors meet SCTE standards for signal ingress, engress and water migration, and use three 360-degree compression rings for an “exceptional” connection. The BNC and RCA connectors include a pop-up pin that confirms a proper termination and contact point.

There are three new tools as part of Belden’s field-installation solution, which are their new compression tool and two stripping tools. The compression tool features aircraft-grade material and requires less force than most other tools, according to Belden. It requires no calibration when changing connector or cable types and there are no additional dies to purchase. The stripping tools are the standard RG/59U and the RG/6U cable, which have a spring for stripping quad cables and a built-on Flaring tool. Also a lighter model is available called the Mini Coax RGB cable.

Finally the cable assemblies “provide the maximum signal quality and performance,” according to Belden. They are factory-terminated and have a limited lifetime warranty. They include: breakouts, CCTV camera cables, CATV, patch cords, BNC, composite A/V, RCA and RGB.


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