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Bell Labs highlights optical transmission rates of 1 Tb/s per-wavelength channel

February 2, 2013 | By Anthony Capkun

February 1, 2013 – Bell Labs—the research organization within Alcatel-Lucent—says it has laid the foundation for the future of ultra-high-capacity optical communication networks with the publication of the results of “ground-breaking experiments” in optical technology.

In recent published papers, Bell Labs has highlighted the achievement of optical transmission rates of 1 Terabit per-second per-wavelength channel, and says this ushers in the potential for widespread use of Terabit interfaces in communications networks. This achievement heralds the era of Petabit-level data transmissions, adds Bell Labs. (A Petabit is equal to 1000 Terabits, and roughly the equivalent of sending 10,000 hour-long, high-definition videos over the network in one second.)

The papers from Bell Labs also highlighted the ability to increase fiber capacities far beyond the capabilities of today’s wavelength-division multiplexed WDM systems.

“While some of this technology is years away from implementation, creating and developing it now paves the way for a bright, information-rich and globally connected future,” said Peter Winzer, director of optical transmission systems and networks research from Bell Labs.


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