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Bison migrating to Manitoba Hydro head office?

December 13, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

December 13, 2011 – A bison herd (well, at the moment, just two) have migrated to Manitoba Hydro’s head office, and now watch over the main lobby of Manitoba Hydro Place at 360 Portage Avenue in Winnipeg.

The sculptures, created by Canadian artist Joe Fafard, were revealed to the public at a special ceremony this morning. Each standing over 2.4-m high and weighing over 450 kg, the double-sided sculptures were installed in alcoves on either side of the Graham Avenue entrance to the building, and gaze both inward toward the main floor gallery and outward to the street. The statues are the first of an eventual six that will grace Hydro’s HQ. Two more adult bison statues will be placed in similar alcoves at the building’s Portage Avenue entrance, while one bronze bison calf will be placed outdoors near each entrance—under the watchful gaze of the adults.

“Being able to feature works from an artist of Mr. Fafard’s stature is a tremendous opportunity, and to have him create something that is so unique yet at the same time so representative of Manitoba, is very exciting,” said Bob Brennan, president and CEO of Manitoba Hydro. “It’s only fitting that the award-winning Manitoba Hydro Place feature artwork from a similarly prominent and world-renowned artist.”

“I hope that having people see something that gives them some awe for a fellow creature can translate into some care for the environment,” said Fafard.


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