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Halco Lighting Technologies – a manufacturer of lamps and ballasts designed for residential, industrial/commercial, and special lighting applications – has introduced the ProLED A-Shape lamp that is said to provide up-to 80% in energy savings compared to incandescent lamps (according to Halco). These lamps can dim down to 5% and are engineered with more chips to increase lumen output. They use special heat sinks for thermal management and include Japanese chips and European optics backed up with a 5-year warranty. These lamps are available in A16, A19 and A22 shapes and in 5, 8, and 13 watts (which replaces 25, 40, and 60-watt incandescent according to Halco). HALCO LIGHTING
Schreder Lighting USA has launched Alura LED that features “The Next Generation” of energy efficient LED luminaires, says Schreder. The Alura LED focuses on outdoor lighting applications (such as parks, playgrounds and parking lots) and is manufactured in Schreder Group’s newest plant in Addison, Illinois. The LED uses 40x1 watt Osram Golden Dragon plus LEDs and include other features such as:- Molded acrylic optic design- Type 5 distribution- Colour temperature of 6000K with neutral and warm white options- Optical compartment designed with an IP66 tightness levelSCHREDER
Juno Lighting Group – a subsidiary of Schneider Electric – announced the expansion of the Aculux product line with new recessed luminaires. They re-engineering the 3 ¼” line of round and square apertures while including other features such as Acu-Aim geared optics and patent pending Tru-Line platform. The apertures are now adjustable and feature optimized center-beam optics and hot aiming capability to achieve a 370-degree rotation and 45-degree tilt, says Juno Lighting. Lamp choices include: energy efficient light emitting diode (LED), ceramic metal halide (CMH), MR16 halogen and Par incandescent lamps. Flush mount trims are available in addition to die cast, parabolic square trims, and the new Pro-VI bar hanger system for interlocking channel bars.  JUNO LIGHTING
Juno Lighting Group – a subsidiary of Schneider Electric – announced the availability of two Cylindra LED track fixtures comparable to halogen products. The 22-watt Cylindra T253LED is relatable to a 75-watt PAR30 halogen, while the 15-watt T251LED is relatable to a 50-watt MRI16 halogen, according to Juno Lighting. The track series is available in three uniform beam spreads: spot, narrow flood, or basic flood and are made of die cast aluminum available in three finishes (white, black or silver). They include a media cartridge with quick-release bayonet mounting method that accepts up to two lighting control accessories, and are available in 3000K and 41000K colour temperatures with 85 CRI. They are “EcoLEDgy” driven to reduce consumption by up to 70%, according to Juno and only T251LED is dimmable.JUNO LIGHTING
Juno Lighting Group – a subsidiary of Schneider Electric – announced a high performance series of architectural 2 x 2 luminaires to its Indy product line. Using Cree TrueWhite Technology, these luminaires offer “up to a third less energy” and provide “five times the service life of equivalent fluorescent lighting,” says Juno Lighting. They measure two-feet square with a drop-ceiling installation and have a one-foot square LED light panel. Combining yellow and red LEDs to create white light, these luminaires offer a CRI of 90 and a colour temperature of 3500K.Other features include:- Two architectural designs: parabolic and stepped- 3200-3800 lumen output (44 or 52 W)- 5% dimming with o-10V control protocol- 50,000 hours of life at 70% lumen maintenance- High ambient light levels JUNO LIGHTING
Nora Lighting introduced a slim-line LED LightBar system that uses only 3.3 watts per foot for retail installation. The fixtures are CA Title 24-compliant and are ¾” wide x ½” deep in size. A range of cable and mounting options are available for applications such as display cabinets, shelving, cove lighting and workstations. It is available in five lengths (6”, 12”, 24”, 36” and 48”) made from aluminum extrusion and are mercury-free. They are available in natural aluminum or bronze finishes and do not produce heat, ultra violet nor infrared rays. The fixtures can be specified in 3000K or 42000K colour temperatures and feature 45 lumens per watt (175 lumens per foot). When powered by Nora’s hardwire 60-watt power supply, the LightBar can be dimmed. It also features metal mounting brackets, flush-end connectors, in-line on/off switch, and 90° angle power connector. The brackets mount the fixtures to adjustable angles of 10°, 23°, 45° or 53°.NORA LIGHTING
Nora Lighting introduced the NHID-4 series of architectural ceramic metal halide (CMH) down lights with interchangeable beam spreads. These fixtures are designed for commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare and educations installations. They use T4, T6, Par20 or GX10 MR16 ceramic CMH light sources and measure 6 3/8” deep (the housing). It includes a steel-constructed plaster frame, two adjustable universal mounting brackets, and electronic ballast and thermal protector. For installation a selection of 4-inch HID CMH die-cast trims are available with adjustable options (90° vertical and 359° rotation). The NHID-4T4 series of HID reflectors offer 15°, 23° or 32° beam spreads in 20, 39 or 70 watt. NHID-4T6 models feature a 15° beam spread in 30 or 70 watts. All units are UL and cUL listed for damp locations.NORA LIGHTING
To accommodate retail construction and renovation projects, Nora Lighting introduced LED recessed down lights with small apertures and high lumen output. These fixtures are California Title 24-compliant and are offered in three 120V models: a 3.5-inch diameter aperture (10.5W) with 500 lumens output at 3000K; a 4.5-inch aperture (14W) with 622 lumens at 3000K; and a 5.5-inch aperture (14W) with 635 lumens at 3000K and 710 lumens at 4200K. All three models are listed cUL for wet locations, rated for 50,00 hours at 70% lumen maintenance, and feature Osram high-output 1.2 LEDs (according to Nora). The reflector comes in white or platinum diffused, the trim is standard with self-flanged die cast trim ring, and the colour temperatures are rated at 86 CRI. Finally all units are ASTM-283 rated as airtight and for use in insulated ceilings. NORA LIGHTING
Nora Lighting introduced the “first compact fluorescent GU24 family of housings and trims that accept interchangeable, self-ballasted GU24 CFL lamps in 13W, 18W, and 26W” called the NHIC/NHRIC GU24 CFL series. The series includes six down light models with 4-, 5-, and 6-inch apertures that features instant-starts and no-flicker performance. Nora Lighting states “some lamps deliver up to 15,000 hours of service and offer up to 75% energy savings over incandescents.” Nora has also introduced a complete GU24 package that includes the housing and self-ballasted lamp for relamping purposes. This fixture is Energy-Start rated, approved for insulated ceilings and cUL-listed for damp locations, and satisfies 24 CA Title standards. NORA LIGHTING
Nora Lighting introduced a new series of slim-line GU24 compact fluorescent track fixtures to “eliminate bulky ballast housings,” says Nora. The fixtures are self-ballasted and offer wattages from 13W to 26W that can be selected during installation or after installation. The GU24 CF lamps (spiral or R30) are “rated up to 10,000 hours and can save up to 75% of energy costs when compared to incandescents,” according to Nora Lighting. There are seven contemporary track head styles and sizes such as flatback, roundback, step, classic and shroud. It comes in black or white finishes with a frosted convex lens all listed cUL for dry locations. NORA LIGHTING
BetaLED introduced the LEDway single light module (SLM) to its line of LEDway streetlight products designed to “replace existing traditional cobrahead systems along residential streets,” says BetaLED. The new luminaire offers more than 90 lumens per watt and uses a LED chip package. The LEDway SLM streetlight can be configured up to 60 LEDs and feature NanoOptic product technology. It is compatible with existing pole mounting configurations and can be mounted to a vertical or horizontal tenon for “increased flexibility.” It is also IP-66 rated and UL, cUL, ENEC, and CE compliant. Other options include an occupancy sensor, two-level capabilities and dimming. BETALED
BetaLED announced their first designer series product - with the help of Ferrara Palladino designers - called the FP-90 street and area luminaire. Available with 40 to 90 LEDs, the FP-90 is engineered to “incorporate new technology without having to replace the entire luminaire,” says BetaLED. It comes with a tenon mount attached with an adjustable arm or to the pole top with +/-10 degrees pitch. It also has an IP-66 ingress protection rating and 19 different configurations with NanoOptic product technology (options include: occupancy sensor, backlight shield, and various photocell options). BETALEDFERRARA PALLADINO
Shat-R-Shield – a manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps – announced their new line of “technologically advanced metal halide lamps,” says the company. The for new Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide (CDM) lamps are designed for retrofitting applications and offers up to 20,000 hrs of light (according to Shat-R-Shield). The lamp performance is 205 or 330-watt, 100 lumen per watt, and colour rending up to 90 CRI. They are offered in two-bulb size (ED37 and ED28), two wattages (330 and 205 watts), and two finishes (clear and frosted). The lamps are classified UL-EPH and are NSF certified.SHAT-R-SHIELD
PV Powered, an Advanced Energy company, announced the availability of two new commercial inverters at 35kW and 50kW. The PVP35kW and the PVP50kW have been “designed for 20+ year operating lifetimes,” says the release. They feature a new performance monitoring section that is separate from the high power section of the inverter. The products feature the company’s Smart Air Management system and features front-access service, bottom and side AC/DC cable entry, cable bending area and fusing options, and a circuit board card cage. According to the release they have “the ability to deliver full power at 50oC at 295 VDC input [and] boast a 96.6%” to “97.1% estimated peak efficiency.” The inverters feature a standard 10-year nationwide warranty with an optional 20-year warranty.PV POWERED
Chloride North America – a subsidiary of Chloride Group PLC – announced the publication of its full line catalog. The 109-page resource guide details power protection solutions from power conditioners, to monitoring software and adapters, to power filters and communication line protection – according to the release. Chloride offers products in health care, retail, educational and corporate environments. “By engineering unique attributes into each of the products it develops, Chloride is able to produce application-based solutions that meet design specifications, address environmental concerns, and meet the scalability requirements of growing businesses,” says Chloride. Other details in the catalog include: service plans, remedial maintenance agreements, 24/7/365 remote monitoring and diagnostics. Key specifications and part numbers are listed for each product for reference and all available options/accessories are listed below on every product page. A digital PDF version of the catalog includes built-link links and scrolling. Chloride’s most recent products include: the Agility Series of single-phase UPS (in models from 750VA to 3000VA) and the MOD10 Series UPS.CHLORIDE POWER
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. and PV Powered announced the introduction of PV inverter products and the expansion of service offerings at the Intersolar 2010 show. The show took place Jul 13-15 in San Francisco, CA and featured the 500kW solar inverter, the SiteGuardSM program, and the PV Powered 35kW and 50kW commercial inverters. PV Powered explains the 500kW solar inverters are for “utility scale, large commercial, and ground mount grid-tied PV installations". This product family includes the Solaron 500kW 600V bipolar, the 500kW 1000V, and the PV Powered 500kW 600V meant to “enable customers to optimize the levelized cost of energy.” The SiteGuardSM (Solar Maintenance) program has been extended to cover all the company’s commercial grid-tied inverter products and features the SafeGuard 99% uptime guarantee. The PV Powered 35kW and 50kW commercial inverters are “uniquely-sized models” that are the “perfect solution for small-to-midrange commercial applications,” says the company. They are designed to deliver 20+ year operating lifetimes, like other PV Powered commercial inverters.ADVANCED ENERGY INDUSTRIESPV POWERED
Adalet – a manufacturer of explosion-proof enclosure systems and cable accessories – introduced free standing switchrack and switchgear assemblies that “provide motor control and distribution assemblies in one complete, integrated package,” says the release. Designed for industrial and hazardous locations, the assemblies can be used indoors or outdoors. They are designed to meet custom specifications and are fully wired as desired. They can be modified to include: lighting panels, welding receptacles, drives, sot starters, PLCs, instrumentation, panelboards, and other motor control assemblies.ADALET
SunRise Power Corporation - a distributor and manufacturer in Peterborough, Ont. - in partnership with Solectria Renewables - a developer and manufacturer of inverters for renewable energy - announced that its commercial inverter line up is now available. The line of grid-tied photovoltaic inverters include 10, 13, 15, 30 , 50, 60, 82, and 95kW units. String inverters have been in production and shipping since January, whereas their line of central inverters is still in production. SUNRISE POWER CORP.
WEG Electric Corp – a supplier of motors, drives, controls, transformers, and generators – announced its addition of two energy-efficient motors called the Quattro and the W22 Super Premium. Quattro is a magnet motor that features a three-phase distributed winding in the stator. This motor operates at “synchronous speed regardless of the load,” says the release. It also has the same frame size as an induction motor, no requirement for a feedback device, low bearing temperature, and inverter-driven multi-motor operation. The W22 Super Premium motor operates with low noise levels and high torques. It has a “1.25 Service Factor through the 447T frame size” and energy-efficient, says the release.WEG ELECTRIC
SolaHD – a company that specializes in identifying and providing industrial power quality solutions – has published a new “Power Quality Guidebook”. This book equips professionals with the latest engineering techniques for providing power quality to manufacturing facilities, according to SolaHD. It is a 24-paged colour guide that acts as a solutions-oriented tutorial for solving problems such as voltage surges, power interruptions, brownouts, sags, transients, harmonics and electrical noise. In the book, SolaHD pairs the problems with specific products and takes readers step-by-step through its Active Tracking filters and devices to better performance and protection.SOLAHD
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