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Booyah – Electric Heating Ban proposal WITHDRAWN

July 16, 2010
By Anthony Capkun

mt_ignoreLast month we reported that EEMAC (Electrical Equipment Manufacturers Assoc. of Canada)—along with its Electric Heating Section—had created a North American Electric Heating Coalition comprising over 15 companies whose goal was to stop the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Committee from banning the use of electric heating.

Led by EEMAC, the coalition countered the proposal, and the International Energy Conservation Code Committee recently withdrew their proposed change. Booyah!

The implication of this code change would have eliminated future markets
for such equipment, resulting in untold millions of dollars in lost
sales opportunities for our industry, explains EEMAC.

“We thank all members who banded together to help override proposed
changes to the code,” said Wayne Edwards, EEMAC’s VP. “Although we have
achieved a victory at this point, the EEMAC-led coalition will continue
to communicate and educate members of IECC as to why this will be a
positive step for all moving forward. Working together, we can continue
to develop and foster energy conservation in the North American market



CLICK HERE for the story we ran last month.

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