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Bosch GLL2-80 360-degree dual-plane line laser

April 29, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


Bosch claims its GLL2-80 is the world’s first 360º dual-plane line laser, capable of projecting constant lines on both vertical and horizontal planes. For specific applications, the GLL2-80 switches between dual-plane, vertical-/horizontal-only modes. The heart of the GLL2-80 is Bosch’s proprietary Cone Mirror Technology, which reflects a laser beam to project bright laser “chalk lines” in 360º rather than using a motor to rotate the beam. The Smart Pendulum Levelling System levels the unit for use and alerts the user when an out-of-level situation occurs. A secure transport lock protects the pendulum when the unit is switched off. Once levelled, the GLL2-80 is accurate to within 1/4 in. over its 100-ft range (Normal mode). To work in bright light or to cover longer distances (up to 265 ft), the GLL2-80 can be switched to Pulse Laser Receiver Mode, and can be used in conjunction with the optional LR2 Laser Receiver for greater flexibility.


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