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Bosch reveals GCL 25 five-point laser with cross-line

August 30, 2012
By Alyssa Dalton


August 30, 2012 – Bosch Tools claims its new GCL 25 self-levelling alignment laser saves time, money and space on the jobsite by eliminating the need for users to purchase and set up two lasers. The GCL 25 is equipped with both a five-point laser and a cross-line laser, and is best suited for levelling, squaring, transfer and plumbing applications. Users can switch between the tool’s various self-levelling modes and its slope mode with its one-button operation. The tool’s five laser points are visible up to 100 ft away and offer accuracies of ¼ inch for points and 1/8 inch for cross-line, with laser line visibility of up to 33 feet, adds Bosch.


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