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British Columbia! Get ready for CE Code-Part I adoption in March 2025

June 17, 2024 | By Anthony Capkun

June 17, 2024 – Technical Safety BC has proclaimed March 4, 2025, as the date the Province of British Columbia adopts the 2024 edition of the Canadian Electrical Code-Part I (C22.1 “Safety standard for electrical installations”).

(Thanks for the heads up, ECABC!)

Information for contractors and individuals performing regulated electrical work in British Columbia

All electrical work subject to the BC Electrical Code must comply with the 2024 edition effective March 4, 2025.

All code-related information bulletins and directives issued to date remain in effect. All potentially impacted information bulletins and directives will be reviewed for consistency with the new code edition and revised, if necessary. There are no deviations from the CE Code this cycle.

Transition for installation permits

Except as provided below, work performed under installation permits issued prior to March 4, 2025, must comply with the 2021 edition until the work is completed (i.e. even if the work is completed after March 4, 2025). All work done under this scenario must comply with the 2021 edition.

Mixing select sections between editions is not permitted.

Work performed under installation permits issued before March 4, 2025, may comply with the 2024 edition of the CE Code, provided that the work will be completed after March 4, 2025, and the licensed electrical contractor has declared that the 2024 edition will be followed on the permit application.

Mixing select code sections between editions is not permitted.

All work performed under permits issued after March 4, 2025, must comply with the 2024 edition—no exceptions.

Contractors who obtain permits from delegated local governments should familiarize themselves with local government policies regarding transition.

Under the Safety Standards Act, Section 24, licensed contractors are responsible for maintaining current knowledge of all relevant safety information, including codes and standards.

Holders of operating permits also have that responsibility under Section 28.

Both licensed contractors and operating permit holders must ensure that individuals in their employ (those performing regulated work) are current with respect to code knowledge.

Additional information:

Safety Standards Act
Electrical Safety Regulation
Safety Standards General Regulation

DOWNLOAD Technical Safety BC’s Information Bulletin: IB-EL_2024-01_BC_Electrical_Code_Adoption

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