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Building Your Legacy – Lessons for Success from the Contracting Community

March 17, 2011 | By Anthony Capkun

March 17, 2011

Wouldn’t you like to make a difference in this world? If I can help contractors—particularly trade and specialty contractors—do better, I will have left a legacy of which I can be proud. I will have made a difference.

EBMag is pleased to announce that Ron Coleman—our “It’s Your Business” columnist—has published a new book entitled: “Building Your Legacy: Lessons for Success from the Contracting Community”.

“When I work with contractors, I want them to see beyond the money. I want them to see the business as a process for making money and creating a good lifestyle,” says Ron. “With this focus, it is easier to build a contracting business that will be both your legacy and a legacy for your family.”


Ron became self-employed in 1984, and it was around this time he also started helping contractors become better businesspeople. “In the process, I learned a great deal myself; not only about contracting, but about how to motivate contractors to do better.”

Ron is a professional accountant, certified management consultant and professional speaker with some 30 years of experience on four continents, and having analyzed more than 2000 sets of financial statements for contractors.

“You will be surprised at seeing yourself in these pages time and time again,” says Ron. “Benefit from the experience of your peers; use this book as your guide to more money and more fun.”

Contractor associations are encouraged to buy and promote this book for the advantage of their membership and to raise funds for their organization. Manufacturers and suppliers are encouraged to buy this book for their contractors and their own teams. This book is available at special quantity discounts to use for sales promotions, employee premiums or educational purposes. A 40% price discount is offered on quantities of 100 or more.

To learn more, or to order, visit Ron Coleman online or email ronald@ronaldcoleman.ca or call (604) 241-0666.

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