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Bulbrite appoints Cathy Choi to president

October 30, 2009 | By Anthony Capkun

Bulbrite appointed Cathy Choi to president and Andrew Choi, the former president, to chair. Ms. Choi previously served as vice-president, while Mr. Choi (the founder) served as president and CEO for the past 38 years. As president, Ms. Choi will oversee all operations and coordinate sales, marketing, administrative, research & development, and manufacturing activities.

“One common misconception is that energy-efficient lighting is only
achieved with compact fluorescent [CFL] light bulbs,” said Ms. Choi.
“While CFLs are a good solution for certain environments, halogens and
other traditional light sources can provide an energy efficient
alternative for certain applications. The emergence of LED technology
continues to reshape our perception of the light bulb, but currently
LEDs are not able to fully replace all general-service light bulbs from
a price-performance perspective. This is why it is so important to be
educated on the different types of light source solutions and to apply
the right technology to the right application.”

Ms. Choi is an American Lighting Association (ALA) -certified lighting
specialist, member of the Education Foundation and Manufacturers
Steering Committee for the ALA, and a member Illuminating Engineering
Society of North America (IES).

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