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CEA companies and workers take OH&S and life-saving to a new level

November 8, 2013 | By Anthony Capkun

November 8, 2013 – The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) recognized numerous electricity utilities and their front-line employees at its 2013 Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Awards this month. Congratulations!

“I am pleased to see CEA members’ excellent track record and their long-standing commitment to the health and safety of their employees, contractors, and to members of the public in the communities in which they operate,” said Jim Burpee, CEA president and CEO. “It is crucial that the electricity industry continue to deliver power in a safe, reliable and cost-effective manner.”

Each year, CEA tracks the safety record of its corporate utility members, and the annual OHS Awards recognize the top performers. Utilities recognized for safety excellence included Columbia Power Corp., Enmax Corp., TransCanada, Yukon Energy Corp., Ontario Power Generation Inc., Nova Scotia Power Inc. and Saskatoon Light & Power.

In addition to the corporate awards, CEA Lifesaving Awards were presented to utility member employees whose actions helped save the life of a fellow co-worker or member of the general public. Kudos to them!


• Arthur Cox of Newfoundland Power Inc. for saving the life of a flag person who suffered two heart attacks.
• Horace Crocker and Neville Gosse of Newfoundland Power Inc. for stopping at the crash scene of a head-on road collision and attending to the victim’s wounds.
• Darren Hazenberg of Northwest Territories Power Corp. for performing CPR on a man suffering a heart attack.
• Bruce Moore of Saskatoon Light & Power for saving the lives of two young men who were unconscious in the back seat of a burning car.
• Kyle Moser of ATCO Electric for saving the life of a boy who was drowning in Peace Lake.
• Gerald Pearcey of Nova Scotia Power Inc. for helping three occupants and their dog escape from their burning home.
• Kirby Schafer of City of Medicine Hat Electric Utility for performing the Heimlich maneuver and dislodging an object from a young boy’s throat.
• Frank Sputek of Capital Power Corp. for stabilizing the medical conditions of two individuals in urgent need of assistance.
• Sandra Tebby of Hydro One Inc. for saving the life of a snowmobiler who plunged into Georgian Bay.
• Jeff Williamson of Ontario Power Generation Inc. for performing the key links in the Chain of Survival on a co-worker who had collapsed and stopped breathing.
• Otto Holden Generating Station First Responders, Ontario Power Generation Inc., for a group of first responders offering swift medical assistance to an employee from another organization who suffered a serious electrical contact injury.

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