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Cerro Wire app for electrical contractor calculations

June 26, 2013 | By Stephanie Lai

June 26, 2013 – With the touch of a finger, electrical contractors can calculate conduit fill, voltage drop, and amperage all within a simple mobile app. Cerro Wire LLC introduces its new electrical calculations app for the iPhone and iPad, which gives electrical contractors access to an all-in-one tool for computing field measurements. Using the conduit fill calculator, users can enter the type of conductor, the size of each conductor, the type of conduit being used, and the length of the conduit run, and the calculator will return the recommended conduit fill. For voltage drop calculation, users enter the length of the conduit run and the type of conductor, and the calculator will return the recommended conductor size based on NEC-recommended amperages. The amperage calculator simplifies an NEC amperage chart into a convenient calculator. At this time, an app for the Android system is not yet available.

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