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Chloride Power Protection environmental sensor Jan2010

January 25, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


25 January 2010

Chloride North America suggests the use of its Environment Sensor accessory module to make BMS (building monitoring system) -style device monitoring affordable at smaller, remote sites. The sensor adds-on to any Chloride UPS system fitted with company’s ManageUPS NET adapter (an SNMP/WEB card with event logging, network server shutdown and other features). The environmental sensor continuously monitors ambient temperature and relative humidity levels in UPS rooms, communications closets or IT racks. However, since each sensor can also read status of volt-free contacts—and multiple sensors can be deployed up to 300-ft away from the ManageUPS NET adapter—the Chloride UPS mgmt system can bring BMS-like remote monitoring capabilities to any device that communicates status via standard volt-free (‘dry’) relay contact points.

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