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Code conundrum April 2017 • Ray Yousef

April 11, 2017 | By Ray Yousef

April 11, 2017 – The April Code Conundrum has some mobile home questions this month!

When receptacles are mounted vertically in a trailer park, the CE Code requires the U-ground slot to be:

a) At the top
b) At the bottom

For a mobile home, the minimum permitted size conductor for the power supply cord is:


a) #10 AWG
b) #8 AWG
c) #6 AWG
d) #4 AWG

Does the CE Code permit a #6AWG system grounding conductor, which is free from exposure to mechanical injury, to run exposed along the surface of a building if it is rigidly stapled to the construction?

a) Yes
b) No

Answers to these questions next month. Meantime, here are the answers to the March 2016 Code Conundrum!

Question 1
Does the CE Code permit a bare neutral in a consumer service (when the conductor is made of copper and run in a raceway)?

a) Yes. Rule 6-308(1).

Question 2
Overload protection shall not be required for a manually started motor rated at ___ hp or less when: it is continuously attended while in operation, and is on a branch circuit having overcurrent protection rated at (or not set at more than) 15A; or on an individual branch circuit having overcurrent protection (as required by Table 29) when it can be readily determined from the starting location the motor is running.

b) 1 hp. Rule 28-308(a).

Question 3
Plug fuses and fuse holders shall not be used in a 240V single-phase, 3-wire grounded system.

b) False. Rule 14-202


• 3/3 = Master Electrician
• 2/3 = Journeyman
• 1/3 = Apprentice
• 0/3 = Plumber?!?

The Code Conundrum is compiled by Ray Yousef of Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority.

N.B. Always consult your AHJ for more specific interpretations

* This article also appears in the April 2017 edition of Electrical Business Magazine. Check out our ARCHIVE page for back issues.

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