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Code Conundrum April 2018 • Ray Yousef

May 10, 2018 | By Ray Yousef

May 10, 2018 — Tackle April 2018’s Code Conundrum…if you dare!

When a transfer device is used to connect a portable and/or standby generator to feed essential loads in residential applications, the transfer device is required:

a) to be approved for the purpose
b) adequate to supply essential loads
c) to ensure no backfeed to utility supply
d) all of the above.

Vertical runs of #1/0 AWG copper TECK90 cables shall have the internal cable assembly supported at maximum intervals of:


a) 5 m
b) 10 m
c) 30 m
d) 24 m

Two 15A, 120V-rated single-pole breakers are permitted to have their handles mechanically interlocked onsite to protect a 15A, 240V three-wire branch circuit.

a) True
b) False

Answers to this month’s questions in May’s Electrical Business. MEANTIME, here are the answers to the March 2018 Code Conundrum!

Question 1
Single-phase inverters for an interactive solar photovoltaic system are not permitted to be connected to 3-phase systems, unless:

d) all of the above. Rule 64-110, CE Code 2018.

Question 2
Bare or insulated conductors not enclosed in grounded metal shall be used in service rooms accessible only to authorized persons.

a) True. Rule 36-100, CE Code 2018.

Question 3
Where batteries are used as a source of the emergency power supply, the batteries shall be kept in proper condition and charged 50% (minimum) at all times.

b) False. Rule 46-104, CE Code 2018.

How did YOU do?

3/3 = Master Electrician
2/3 = Journeyman
1/3 = Apprentice
0/3 = Bricklayer?!?

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