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Code Conundrum December 2022

December 6, 2022 | By Ray Yousef

Tackle the code conundrum... if you dare!

December 6, 2022 – Welcome to the newest round of questions that test your knowledge of the CE Code-Part I. Answers will appear in the Winter 2023 edition of Electrical Business Magazine (and here at EBMag.com). Good luck!

QUESTION 1 – Overload protection shall not be required for a manually started motor rated at ___ hp or less that is continuously attended while in operation, and that is on a branch circuit having overcurrent protection rated or set at not more than 15 A, or on an individual branch circuit having overcurrent protection as required by Table 29 when it may be readily determined from the starting location that the motor is running.

a) 1/2 hp
b) 1 hp
c) 2 hp
d) 5 hp

QUESTION 2 – The interior of a storage tank that is vented to atmosphere, and contains flammable liquids stored above their flash point, is typically classified as:

a) Zone 0
b) Zone 1
c) Zone 2
d) Zone 20

QUESTION 3 – Class H fuses are permitted to be used for overcurrent protection where circuit overload protection is provided by other means.

a) True
b) False


ANSWERS to Code Conundrum October 2022 edition

QUESTION 1 – The CE Code requires a splitter to be installed where two or more conductors are connected to a conductor larger than ___ copper.

a) #4 AWG
b) #6 AWG. Rule 12-2000(6).
c) #1/0 AWG
d) #2/0 AWG

QUESTION 2 – For single dwelling units, the CE Code requires a minimum ___ duplex receptacles to be installed in a 2-door car garage with overhead door openers, a cord-connected central vacuum, and a garbage disposal unit installed.

a) 2
b) 4
c) 5. Rules 26-720 and 26-724.
d) 6

QUESTION 3 – Does the CE Code permit a bare neutral in a consumer service when this conductor is made of copper and run in a raceway?

a) Yes. Rule 6-308.
b) No

How did YOU do?

3 • Seasoned journeyman
2 • Need refresher training
1 • Apprentice
0 • Just here for fun!

Ray Yousef is a code engineer with Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority.

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