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Code Conundrum February 2020

February 28, 2020  By Ray Yousef

Tackle the code conundrum if you dare!

Answers to this month’s questions will appear in the April issue of Electrical Business.

Question 1

A totally enclosed non-ventilated Class B motor requires conductors rated at 38 A. The minimum size copper multi-conductor cable can be used is:


a) 10 AWG TECK90

b) 8 AWG TECK90

c) 8 AWG TW75

d) 6 AWG TW75

Question 2

A disconnect for luminaires with double ended lamps operating at 120 volts is required for:

a) Luminaires with a ballast

b) Luminaires with a ballast and LED lamps

c) Luminaires with a driver and LED lamps

d) All of the above

e) None of the above

Question 3

For a single dwelling unit with 100 A breaker using No. 3 AWG Copper service conductors, is the marking required based on Rule 4-004 22) and Table 39?


b) No


ANSWERS Electrical Business, December 2019

Question 1

A combination Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter provides:

d) Protections for both series and parallel arcing faults. Rule 26-650, CE Code 2018.

Question 2

The integrity of an impedance grounded system shall be monitored, and the system shall have an audible or visual alarm if there is:

d) All of the above. Rule 10-302, CE Code 2018.

Question 3

Raceways which are less than 2 m above grade and subject to mechanical damage shall:

d) Any of the above. Rule 12-934, CE Code 2018.


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