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Code Conundrum July/August 2018 • Ray Yousef

August 22, 2018 | By Ray Yousef

August 22, 2018 — Tackle July/August’s Code Conundrum…if you dare!

The interior of a storage tank that is vented to atmosphere and contains flammable liquids stored above their flashpoint is typically classified as:

a) Zone 0
b) Zone 1
c) Zone 2
d) Zone 20

Permanent climbing steps shall be provided where it is necessary to climb an outdoor floodlighting pole to replace lamps. The lowest step shall not be less than ___ above locations accessible to unauthorized persons.


a) 1.2 m
b) 2.5 m
c) 3.0 m
d) 3.7 m

Fire alarm system conductors are permitted to be installed in electrical non-metallic tubing only when embedded in at least 50 mm of masonry or poured concrete.

a) True
b) False

Answers to this month’s questions in September’s Electrical Business. MEANTIME, here are the answers to the June 2018 Code Conundrum!

Question 1
In a dwelling unit’s panelboard, what is the maximum mounting height for the overcurrent protection device handle?

c) 1.7 m. Rule 26-600(2), CE Code 2018.

Question 2
Moulded-case circuit breakers are permitted to be located in a Category 2 location so long as they are contained within a NEMA-1 enclosure.

b) False. Rule 22-100(3), CE Code 2018.

Question 3
Unless it forms part of a motor-operated device, a portable motor shall be permitted to be connected using flexible cord of a serviceability not less than that of Type S.

a) True. Rule 28-102, CE Code 2018.

How did YOU do?

3/3 = Master Electrician
2/3 = Journeyman
1/3 = Apprentice
0/3 = Bricklayer?!?

This article originally appeared in the July/August 2018 issue of Electrical Business Magazine.

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