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Code Conundrum May 2018 • Ray Yousef

June 20, 2018 | By Ray Yousef

June 20, 2018 — Tackle May 2018’s Code Conundrum…if you dare!

Conductors for equipotential bonding shall be permitted to be installed as open wiring, provided they are adequately secured.

a) True
b) False

Which of the following insulated wires can be marked permanently with green colour to be used as a bonding wire?


a) #10AWG
b) #8AWG
c) #6AWG
d) #1AWG

The maximum voltage for a class 2 circuit is:

a) 30V
b) 48V
c) 115V
d) 150V

Answers to this month’s questions in June’s Electrical Business. MEANTIME, here are the answers to the April 2018 Code Conundrum!

Question 1
When a transfer device is used to connect a portable and/or standby generator to feed essential loads in residential applications, the transfer device is required:

d) All of the above. Rule 6-106, CE Code 2018.

Question 2
Vertical runs of #1/0 AWG copper TECK90 cables shall have the internal cable assembly supported at maximum intervals of:

c) 30 m. Rule 12-120(4), CE Code 2018.

Question 3
Two 15A, 120V-rated single-pole breakers are permitted to have their handles mechanically interlocked onsite to protect a 15A, 240V three-wire branch circuit.

b) False. Rule 14-302(b), CE Code 2018.

How did YOU do?

3/3 = Master Electrician
2/3 = Journeyman
1/3 = Apprentice
0/3 = Bricklayer?!?

This article originally appeared in the May 2018 issue of Electrical Business Magazine.

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