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Corning launches ONE (Optical Network Evolution) wireless platform

May 21, 2013
By Anthony Capkun


May 20, 2013 – Corning Inc. unveiled what it calls the first “all-optical, converged in-building wireless solution” to satisfy the demand from enterprises, hotels, convention centres and arenas for high-speed, high-capacity wireless hubs with “virtually unlimited bandwidth”. Built on an optical backbone, the Corning ONE (Optical Network Evolution) wireless platform is designed to handle core cellular technologies and enable multiple applications, including wireless LAN, public safety and location-based services. In addition, ONE offers Wi-Fi support through its built-in Gigabit ethernet and PoE (power over ethernet) capability. The platform leverages “fiber-to-the-edge” technology to deliver more bandwidth, operators, services and applications via fiber links, says Corning, to an integrated, modular single-input, single-output/multiple-input, multiple-output (SISO/MIMO) antenna. The platform’s remote antenna units offer upgradable expansion modules for MIMO in a single antenna, allowing for future additions of active spectrum.

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