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Cree launches TEMPO Services for evaluating LED-based lighting fixtures and lamps

September 28, 2011
By Anthony Capkun


September 28, 2011 – Cree Inc. announced the commercial availability of TEMPO Services—a set of quantitative and qualitative tests and analyses for LED-based lighting fixtures and lamps. TEMPO (Thermal, Electrical, Mechanical, Photometric and Optical) Services represents the company’s experience with customer LED systems combined with calibrated test equipment “to give LED lighting manufacturers and end users confidence in LED product designs”. Cree says it has identified many other aspects of end-product quality that are not—and cannot be—examined by third parties, such as chemical compatibility between materials used in the luminaire and the LEDs, the effectiveness of mixing slightly different colour LEDs for enhanced colour consistency, and TM-21 LED lifetime projections.


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