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CSA Advantage™ – A new way to access and customize your standards

September 6, 2022  Sponsored by CSA Group

Source: CSA Group

Design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems require a lot of on-site work. So what if you need to check some requirements of the codes and standards for electrical installations or workplace electrical safety or consult your notes? CSA Advantage™ was designed with that in mind.

What is CSA Advantage™?

CSA Advantage™ is a subscription option giving the individual user a license to access the digital version of standards, personalize them, and create customized files for specific projects or tasks. Users can access and work with standards using their desktop or mobile devices and work online or offline.

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Why CSA Advantage™?

While CSA OnDemand™ subscription allows users to access standards in a PDF format offline and on mobile devices, this option is intended for organizations using ten or more standards and with multiple standards users. That does not address the need of individuals or smaller businesses. Also, smart devices opened new ways we can work and interact with documents. CSA Advantage™ was created to give individual users better access to standards and, leveraging the new digital technologies, help them work more efficiently.

How can CSA Advantage™ help you?

When you purchase a CSA Advantage™ standard subscription, you get multi-year access to the standard, including any new editions released during the subscription period. CSA Advantage™ features allow you to organize standard clauses, tables, and figures into files so that you can refer to them when working on a specific task without having to flip through the pages of the standard. You can also add your notes to clauses, highlight important text, and check referenced sections of the standard in a preview window without leaving the page you are on.

CSA Advantage™ offers many other useful features, including an intuitive, full-text keyword search that helps you find references in the standard, as well as the personal notes you added. You can also print, copy and paste, and share content directly from your mobile device and work offline with downloaded standards and files and synchronize them across devices. The comprehensive in-app tutorials can walk you through the available features to help you understand how they can support you in your day-to-day work.

Where can you get CSA Advantage™?

Like with the other formats and standards subscriptions, you can visit our online CSA Store and search for the standard you are interested in. Check if CSA Advantage™ subscription is available and, if so, select the option and add the standard to your cart. Once you download the app for your mobile device and create your CSA Advantage™ account, you will be able to start using your standard – in a completely new way.

The most popular CSA Group standards and codes, including the Canadian Electrical Code, Part II, for the electrical equipment construction, testing, and marking, are already available with a CSA Advantage™ subscription. The Canadian Electrical Code, Part I, for electrical installations and other standards and codes are coming to CSA Advantage™ soon.

Visit the CSA Advantage™ web page to learn more about this subscription option, check the list of available standards, and try the no-fee demo to see how it works in practice.

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