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Cummins high HP diesel gensets approved for use with vegetable oil fuel

June 13, 2022 | By Anthony Capkun

June 13, 2022 – Cummins announced its entire line of diesel generator sets has been approved for use with paraffinic fuels (EN15940), including hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), when used in standby applications.

HVO is derived from the same feedstocks used to produce biodiesel, although its production process differs. “It has a very low life cycle carbon emission, making it attractive as a sustainable fuel,” says the company, adding constituent emissions are equivalent to or lower than they are with diesel, and existing emissions data sheets and EPA Tier 2 certifications apply while operating gensets on HVO.

Additionally, HVO is not prone to bacterial growth, making it suitable for applications requiring extended fuel storage, including back-up power standby applications. HVO is also compatible—and can be blended in any proportion—with diesel, “easing the transition at existing facilities with diesel back-up power generators”.


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