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Customize outdoor lighting with MaxLite’s QuadroMAX Plus

September 11, 2018
By Ellen Cools


Courtesy MaxLite

September 11, 2018 — MaxLite’s QuadroMAX Plus gives users the option of changing modules in the field and mixing distributions to create custom lighting layouts for commercial, educational, retail and other properties.

Designed to replace metal halide fixtures from 150W to 750W, the series meets DLC Premium 4.2 specifications. Independent LED modules interlock to create configurations from 5,600 to 39,500 lumens, while multiple optic choices (Type II, III, IV and V) enable users to choose the distribution pattern.

QuadroMAX Plus can be mounted as an area, flood or wall pack luminaire. In every wattage and distribution configuration, it emits 130 lumens per watt. Available with 120V to 277V or 347V to 480V dimming drivers, the luminaire includes a 20kV surge suppressor. Each fixture can also be customized to include a motion sensor with remote control commissioning capability and photocontrol receptacle.


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