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Did Britech build Canada’s longest heating cable?

August 14, 2014
By Anthony Capkun


August 14, 2014 – Britech Heating Cables & Controls says it has manufactured what may be the longest heating cable ever built and installed in Canada.

The cable was specially designed for a 600V underfloor heating application in Toronto, Ont.—a concrete slab in an underground parking area to keep condo tenants warm in the winter months. The cable is over 17,000 watts and extends 3454 feet—about 1 kilometre.

“We often get interesting application requests from contractors, engineers and end users for other uses such as long line pipe tracing, roof de-icing or tank heating,” said Gerry Lemieux, president of Britech. “We were pleased to have helped this contractor with his electric heating cable application.”

These types of cables are normally never more than 200-m to 300-m long, explains Britech, but the client wanted to reduce the number of circuits, ground fault interrupters and junction boxes involved with the complex project.


PHOTO: Gerry Lemieux, president of Britech Heating Cables & Controls, proudly displays what he claims is one of the longest custom heating cables ever built or installed in Canada.

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