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About Us

A Message From Our Sponsor

Canada’s electricity sector is changing; will your business strategy be ready for the future?
As the Canadian electricity sector continues to face increasing demand and, at the same time, unprecedented labour shortages, Electricity Human Resources Canada, a not-for-profit dedicated to supporting the human resources needs of this industry, are committed to helping you overcome the challenges you face in hiring and retaining new talent.

As Canada’s electricity industry pushes toward Net Zero, we are facing challenges such as high rates of retirement, low rates of diversity and retention, and rapid industry expansion with limited workforce availability. Today’s students and apprentices are ready to step in and fill that gap, bringing with them the latest education, fresh perspectives, and a diverse mindset.

Here at Electricity Human Resources Canada, we are dedicated to enabling the next generation of talent to produce a world-class electricity workforce. We believe that employers like you with hiring incentives, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) tools and training, and labour market intelligence, can utilize their talent to overcome current and future challenges within the industry.

Through our Empowering Futures program, you can receive up to $20,000 in hiring incentives when you onboard two first-year apprentices. By participating in the Empowering Futures program, you will gain access to additional tools and resources needed to help your workforce adapt and succeed. These available resources aid in mitigating the financial risk of new hires and enable your organization to make a lasting impression on new and potential employees within a demanding industry.

For more information on the Empowering Futures program, please reach out to Yoana Turnin at turnin@ehrc.ca. The future of the sector is in your hands. Do not miss this incredible opportunity and apply for hiring incentives today.

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