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The Baron Group to merge with AD

A buying group serving independent groundwater systems distributors for over 30 years—The Baron Group—intends to merge with AD, North America’s largest marketing/buying group for construction and industrial supplies. “AD has an impressive track record of growth and innovation. Our interactions with their team in this process have been tremendous, and our members cannot wait to begin working with the AD community to achieve success together,” said Matthew Beasley, general manager, The Baron Group.

Minister Wilkinson to “establish a pan-Canadian grid council”

Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources launched the Canada Electricity Advisory Council to provide the Government of Canada with advice on actions needed to achieve its 2035 and 2050 net-zero emissions goals (as they pertain to electricity). The body of electricity sector stakeholders will provide advice to the Minister of Natural Resources “to accelerate investment, and promote sustainable, affordable and reliable electricity systems”.

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A Training Session just for you

Is a lack of knowledge keeping you from tapping into the estimated $3 to $4 billion Home Automation Market in Canada?

Then join us on June 21 for an online training session that will discuss how you can profitably tap into in-demand smart home and automation technologies.

This training session is all about you, so bring your questions to this open forum discussion with our experts: Steve Lee, Joy Manapul, and Robert Mowles.
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“That was close!” – 5 things to examine after a near miss

Most of us are used to the idea of reporting a hazard when we see one. We know that it is our responsibility to ensure something is done about it before anyone is harmed. We also know why it’s important to report incidents when someone has been hurt. But when no one notices the hazard beforehand, and no injury or damage occurs, do we still need to do something? “Reporting a near miss is somewhere in between reporting a hazard and reporting an incident,” says Toni Volpato with WSPS. “It can be a bit confusing.” » Read more

The No. 1 reason for energy management

The results are trickling in... so far, 77% of our Audience Survey respondents indicate that Proactive Energy Management is Very Important (42%) to Important (35%) in their organizations. And the overwhelmingly #1 reason for this? Reduce energy costs! Please consider adding YOUR input to this rapid-fire, 1-minute Audience Survey for Energy Manager Canada. » ONE MINUTE... that’s all!

Intelligence for the electricity sector – today, and especially tomorrow

The ability to forecast labour supply and demand is not only crucial to industry, but to policymakers and educators, as well. Electricity Human Resources Canada has been researching and publishing Labour Market Intelligence reports for the electricity sector for nearly 20 years. With the massive transformation facing the sector in the coming years, the next LMI report is perhaps more important than ever before. » Read more

Southwire invests in VoltServer – “fits squarely in our digital power focus”

Southwire reports it has invested in VoltServer, which has invented an “innovative method for distributing power with the high-power aspects of AC and the safety and simplicity of Power over Ethernet” called Digital Electricity. This DE technology uses less material and results in lower power loss than traditional wiring systems “to safely energize remote equipment”, says Southwire. » Read more


Appleton PlexPower lightweight motor starters

Designed for hazardous, wet, or corrosive locations, Emerson says its Appleton PlexPower is a “cost-effective, easy-to-install, and simple-to-operate” alternative to traditional cast and bolted motor starters. It require no conduit seals or cable glands, and use off-the-shelf breakers. » Learn more


CSA-certified Blundstone XFR work boots

Blundstone says its new XFR is “the most comfortable, durable, and ground-gripping boot” in the Blundstone Work and Safety series. New comfort arch footbeds combine with SPS MAX shock protection to reduce total body stress, absorbing impact of up to 90%. » Learn more


EASA Convention & Solutions Expo

June 24-27, National Harbor, Md. » More info

IES Annual Conference

August 3-5, Schaumburg, Ill. » More info