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Peer Learning Communities to strengthen Alberta’s energy labour force

In partnership with the Government of Alberta, Electricity Human Resources Canada is launching a series of resources to address current and future workforce requirements “to help ensure the integrity” of Alberta’s power grid. “This will help recruit and retain the talent we need to meet growing electricity sector needs,” said Michelle Branigan, CEO, EHRC.

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Three steps to starting a business in the skilled trades

A jump into entrepreneurship requires careful financial planning, a robust business plan, and proper business registration. Here’s how to kickstart your skilled trades business journey.

Southwire and NKT to supply cables for Champlain Hudson

Southwire has been awarded the supply of a portion of the underground power cables for Champlain Hudson Power Express (CHPE) by NKT—the project’s turnkey cable supplier and cable system technology owner. CHPE is a transmission project that will deliver 1250 MW of hydropower from the Canada-U.S. border to Queens, N.Y.

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100% Canadian Distributor Aartech Canada

Looking for a distribution partner? Celebrating 20 years in business, Aartech Canada distributes a wide range of smart home, security, networking, audio/video and electrical devices from the brands you know and love - and some you haven't seen yet. We aim to help you grow your business by introducing new and relevant products and technologies, providing dealer training and product certification classes, local Canadian support, and in-house resources.

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Where is largest portion of government’s cleantech spending being directed?

Energy-related research and development by businesses serves to optimize the usage, reliability and affordability of energy, noted Statistics Canada as it released a new report which finds that in-house spending on (and outsourcing of) energy-related R&D reached new highs. Meantime, government funding for energy-related R&D spending rose by 34.8% to $186 million in 2021. The increase was recorded in all areas related to cleantech, with the largest portion being directed toward energy efficiency, at 39.2% ($73 million), followed by renewable energy resources, at 16.1% ($30 million). » Read more

EV safety blitz in Toronto finds “concerning number of unsafe charging methods”

At the end of a recent safety blitz targeting electric vehicle charging systems in Toronto, Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority found more than 400 incidents of work without a permit. Further, “a concerning number of unsafe charging methods” were uncovered, such as extension cords laying across sidewalks and EV chargers being mounted on trees. These discoveries, says ESA, underscore the pressing need to enhance awareness around charging EVs safely. » Read more

Weavers wind project in Nova Scotia scores $25 million from Ottawa

Ottawa is providing up to $25 million for the Weavers Mountain Wind Energy Project in Nova Scotia which, when completed, will produce nearly 95 MW for the province’s grid. The project is an undertaking by WEB Weavers Mountain Wind LP, a majority Indigenous-owned partnership between Glooscap Energy LP and SWEB Development LP. Federal funding for the project is provided by Canada’s $1.56-billion Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways (SREP) Program. » Read more


Bi-directional IP-SC15MC network horn from TOA

TOA Canada Corp.’s bi-directional IP-SC15MC network horn speaker delivers “rich extended speech range” with the added feature of a built-in microphone for speech talkback and external environment monitoring. It can also receive broadcasts initiated by other terminals or servers, and can withstand temperatures as low as -45 C. » Learn more


Megger MCT105 detects hidden cables and conductors

Megger’s MCT105 is designed to detect and trace cables and metallic conductors located in walls or buried underground. It can also identify fuses and breakers on electrical circuits, locate breaks or short circuits in cables and electrical underfloor heating systems, as well as trace hidden metal water and heating pipes. » Learn more


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