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Editor's Note 
Whereas some cleantech technologies have come and gone, Energy Efficiency has always been a steadfast ally in curbing emissions ... and costs!
- Anthony Capkun, Editor-Publisher

Energy efficiency claims Fed’s largest cleantech spending

Energy-related research and development by businesses serves to optimize the usage, reliability and affordability of energy. A report from Statistics Canada finds that in-house spending on (and outsourcing of) energy-related R&D reached new highs. And while all cleantech saw spending increase, the largest portion was directed toward energy efficiency.

How do Vancouver owners track energy performance?

The City of Vancouver’s new Energize Vancouver resource hub will support owners of large existing buildings track and improve energy performance and reduce building emissions. The multi-year initiative to dedicated to upgrading and retrofitting Vancouver’s large existing commercial and multi-family buildings to reduce emissions while “improving energy performance”.

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Improve your Climate Control Efficiency by upwards of 90%

At Rittal, we recognize the importance of maintaining ideal temperatures for your technology. Our climate control solutions are engineered to meet this essential requirement, guaranteeing consistent and dependable performance in any setting.
With our high-performance Climate Control Solutions, you can expect the following benefits:
   • Reduced Downtime
   • Extended Equipment Lifespan
   • Improved Performance
   • Enhanced Reliability
   • Energy Efficiency

Our solutions expert will work diligently to connect you with the nearest partner who can assist in creating a customized solution tailored to your specific needs.Learn more by visiting our link dedicated to Climate Control Solutions!
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FortisBC’s whopping $695.8M to reduce energy consumption

FortisBC will spend close to $700 million to help customers reduce their energy use over the next four years. Specifically, it was approved to invest $626.7 million to support its gas customers in lowering their energy use; additionally, the company will invest a further $68.1 million on energy-saving programs for its electricity customers in the Southern Interior. » Read more

New Brunswick’s Enhanced Energy Savings Program

The Government of Canada is supporting New Brunswick in carrying out its Enhanced Energy Savings Program. Environment and Climate Change Canada says the program supports the installation of heat pumps, the improvement of insulation and air sealing and, among other measures, aims to help residents move away from home heating oil. » Read more

Relighting history for good looks... and energy efficiency

Over the years, the owner of this iconic bank building in Kingston took steps to preserve the structure. In 2009, repairs to the chimney were made and a new roof was added. A new accessible public entrance was added in 2010. The owner also undertook an interior LED lighting retrofit to enhance light levels and achieve greater energy efficiency. » Read more