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Editor's Note 
The rise of electric vehicles all across Canada will require increasingly clever EV energy management systems (EVEMSs) for applications with limited electrical capacity. Learn more from our friends at Variablegrid.
- Anthony Capkun, Editor-Publisher

How to smooth the road for electric work trucks

Whether it’s due to the pursuit of improved lifetime cost, productivity, regulatory or sustainability outcomes—or some combination thereof—the work truck industry’s interest in electric vehicle fleets is gaining traction... fast. Besides ensuring they have the physical infrastructure they need, these fleets will benefit from EVEMS for better managing the performance of their chargers.

EV safety blitz finds “concerning number of unsafe charging methods”

When it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure, people forget (or simply don’t know) that EVs can draw a lot of power. It is important to ensure a home’s electrical panel can handle the load... and an electric vehicle energy management system can help address that issue.

Sponsored Spotlight 

EV Charging with Dynamic Load Balancing for Single-Family, Townhouses and Multi-Unit Homes

Variablegrid’s Patented EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) offers dynamic load balancing and real-time panel protection to enable EV charging for homes, townhouses and buildings with limited electrical capacity. By leveraging adaptive power technology Variablegrid strategically sheds energy during peak periods and optimizes all available power for maximum charging efficiency.

We provide administrative and billing management solutions for a true turn-key solution for drivers

» Learn more...

Have you heard of the other Canadian “Arrow” project?

Project Arrow is the first all-Canadian, zero-emission “connected” vehicle. Touted as “a historic milestone”, 58 Canadian industry partners came together to design and build the revolutionary prototype vehicle. “Project Arrow is a true testament to Canadian ingenuity, hard work, and determination,” said Raed Kadri, Ontario Vehicle Innovation Network at the Ontario Centre of Innovation. » Read more

Recognizing EVEMS in the Canadian Electrical Code

DID YOU KNOW? It is thanks to the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association that the CE Code-Part I Technical Committee began including new rules in the Canadian Electrical Code that recognize EV energy management systems (EVEMS), to address evolving EV technology and issues associated with future loading on electrical infrastructure. » Read more

Canadians are buying EVs in record numbers

Nationwide, a total of 40,233 new zero-emission vehicles were registered in Q2 2023—an increase of 34.9% from the same period last year! The largest growth among vehicle types for battery EVs was pickup trucks, representing a 721.3% increase when compared to same period a year prior. (I hope someone finds a way to manage all those loads!) » Read more

Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative for Indigenous communities

Check out the federal call for proposals for the Zero-Emission Vehicle Awareness Initiative (ZEVAI)—a pilot that will fund Indigenous-led awareness and education projects “that help increase knowledge and confidence” in electric and low-emission vehicles, and clean fuels. The call for proposals “with continuous intake” is open until March 31, 2025, or until funds are fully allocated. » Read more


VarianPro EV energy management system for commercial properties

Designed for commercial buildings and multi-unit dwellings, Variablegrid’s patented EV energy management system “VarianPro” employs dynamic power distribution based on real-time energy consumption to maximize power delivery to electric vehicle chargers. » Learn more