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Editor's Note 
The rise of electric vehicles all across Canada will require increasingly clever EV energy management systems (EVEMSs) for applications with limited electrical capacity. Learn more from our friends at Variablegrid.
- Anthony Capkun, Editor-Publisher

Adjusting electrical systems to evolve alongside EV charging

Different levels of government continue to support the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, with electric vehicles being the most common. If trends continue, our electrical systems must continue to evolve at every level of distribution—from the electrical grid to a home’s service panel—to meet this higher demand. That continued evolution could involve adjustable EV supply equipment.

2024 CE Code includes vital EV energy management system info

The Canadian Electrical Code plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of electrical installations and systems. With the targeted growth in electric vehicle sales, electrical infrastructure has to safely support charging needs. The 2024 CE Code adds electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and electric vehicle energy management system (EVEMS) demand factors to load calculations for multi-unit apartment buildings and similar dwellings.

Sponsored Spotlight 

EV Charging with Dynamic Load Balancing for Single-Family, Townhouses and Multi-Unit Homes

Variablegrid’s Patented EV Energy Management System (EVEMS) offers dynamic load balancing and real-time panel protection to enable EV charging for homes, townhouses and buildings with limited electrical capacity. By leveraging adaptive power technology Variablegrid strategically sheds energy during peak periods and optimizes all available power for maximum charging efficiency.

We provide administrative and billing management solutions for a true turn-key solution for drivers

» Learn more...

Purolator sets aside $1 billion for fleet decarbonization

Purolator Inc. announced it expects to spend approximately $1 billion to electrify its Canadian network over the next seven years. This includes a plan to purchase more than 3500 fully electric last-mile delivery vehicles, and the electrification of more than 60 terminals across Canada. The courier expects to add over 100 all-electric vehicles to its fleet in 2023, and an additional 150 this year. » Read more

EVs and electrification – Ottawa’s priorities

So, where are the opportunities for Canada’s electrical professionals in the coming months and years? That question forms the backdrop of “They’re serving pie: how big is YOUR slice?”—a presentation delivered by Electrical Business Magazine’s editor during ECAA’s Training Day in May 2023. On the emissions side, Anthony focuses attention on programs/funding involving the electrification of transportation, including the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program. » Read more

Ottawa can do better on its own EV uptake and charger funding

National Defence, Parks Canada, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency contributed very little to meeting the government’s target of having 80% zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) in the federal fleet by 2030. Together, these four organizations account for more than half the federal fleet—10,580 vehicles out of a total of 17,260. » Read more

Five reasons construction jobsites are going electric

The electrification of construction machinery is hardly a new concept. For years, electric equipment has been commonly seen in a variety of applications, from demolition and mining to aerial lift and industrial work. Now, however, electric equipment is becoming increasingly prevalent on and around jobsites. Its long-term place in the industry is no longer up for debate. » Read more


VarianHome Bundle: smart controller and Level 2 charger

The VarianHome Bundle from Variablegrid consists of the VarianHome controller paired with the VarianR40 Level 2 smart charger. This package leverages the company’s EV energy management system (EVEMS) technology to optimize a home’s available power; tailored for single-family residences, this system promises a seamless transition to EV charging. » Learn more