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Ontario – the place “where skilled trades professionals thrive”

To make Ontario “the place where skilled trades professionals thrive”... that’s the overarching vision behind Skilled Trades Ontario’s first Strategic Plan, unveiled by STO’s CEO and registrar, Melissa Young, at the agency’s first-ever industry summit on apprenticeship. Minister Monte McNaughton reminded the audience of the government’s 3-step skilled trades plan: End the stigma. Modernize the system. Encourage employers to take on apprentices.

Over 5000 job vacancies for electricians in Q3 2022

Key construction trades (e.g. electrician, plumber) were among the over 2/3 of apprenticeship certificates held by Canadians in 2021. From 2020 to 2021, there was a 37.0% rise in new apprenticeship registrations for electricians—the sixth-highest rise among all trade groups, ahead of sheet metal workers (+34.6%) and heavy equipment and crane operators (+32.2%), but behind plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters (+39.0%).

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Enhance Your Workforce with ApprenticeSearch.com’s Free Services and Grants

Elevate your business with a skilled workforce through ApprenticeSearch.com, a non-profit social enterprise with two decades of experience connecting employers with motivated job seekers in the skilled trades. Hire your next skilled trades professional with ApprenticeSearch.com to benefit from free services like candidate screening and intentional matching. Hiring a first-year apprentice in a Red Seal construction trade? Access Canadian Apprenticeship Service grants of $5,000-$10,000 to offset hiring and onboarding costs. Register today and let us connect you with your next skilled trade hire at ApprenticeSearch.com.
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A “passion for the skilled trades” at ApprenticeSearch.com Open House

ApprenticeSearch.com (HIEC) welcomed skilled trades job seekers, employers, and partners to its inaugural “Gateway to the Trades” open house. There is no shortage of job seekers who are interested in the skilled trades, said Kelly Hoey, HIEC-ApprenticeSearch.com; however, “The real need is for programs like ours to provide an entry point into that career pathway with dedicated and tailored support and—most importantly—employer connections that lead to successful employment.” » Read more

Ontario taking the skilled trades on a massive road trip

The Ontario government is spending $5.4 million to design and build three mobile tech classrooms that will travel across the province and teach students and young people about the skilled trades. The classrooms will feature hands-on learning stations and simulators for electrical systems, welding, crane operation, auto-painting, tire and brake work, heavy machinery and more. » Read more

Hydro Ottawa a “top employer” for apprenticeship

Hydro Ottawa was recognized for supporting apprentice career progression with a Top Apprenticeship Employer Award (2023). “With a large portion of our workforce having retired—and many eligible to retire in the next 10 years—we know that these young employees are the future of our organization,” said Bryce Conrad, CEO, Hydro Ottawa. “We look forward to continuing partnerships that will help develop our trades and ensure a more diversified workforce.” » Read more

Getting into skilled trades faster with “Grade 10 to Apprenticeship Pathway”

Changes in Ontario will allow Grade 11 students to transition to a full-time, skilled trades apprenticeship program. “To ensure all students can get ahead in this province, we are accelerating pathways from high school to apprenticeship learning and, ultimately, a career in the skilled trades,” said Minister Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education. Upon receiving their Certificate of Apprenticeship, these youth can apply for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) as mature students. » Read more