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Ontario sees historic jump in apprenticeships

The Ontario government reports apprenticeship registrations have increased by 24% in the last year, from 21,971 to 27,319, including a 28% jump among women. The province says it will need over 100,000 new skilled trades workers this decade to help deliver its “ambitious infrastructure plans, including building 1.5 million homes by 2031”.

We need “enough skilled electrical workers” for clean energy

BC’s Ministry of Energy, Mines and Low-Carbon Innovation announced the BC Hydro will move forward with a call for new sources of renewable, emissions-free electricity. Which is great news, but the reality is that “most types of construction require the specialized expertise of electrical contractors and their skilled tradespeople”.

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Canada’s up-and-coming skilled trades pros

Skills Canada released the final medal results of its 2023 national competition in Winnipeg, where over 500 students and apprentices from across the country competed for the title of national champion in their respective skilled trade. Roughly 250 medals were awarded to the top competitors in six skilled trade and technology sectors, including construction. » Read more

Relief is coming to Ontario’s construction jobsites

When nature calls on a construction jobsite, the Ontario government wants to help make the job of going potty in a portable washroom a more pleasant experience for everyone—including women. The province is introducing changes that would ensure women have access to at least one “Women Only” washroom, and properly fitting equipment. » Read more

Experts invited to help STO “meet the needs of industry”

Skilled Trades Ontario is inviting experts from across the skilled trades to help “ensure apprentices are trained to the highest standard, and have the tools they need to succeed in today’s workforce”. Its Standards Industry Advisory Committees provide support to STO as the agency develops or updates standards and examinations. » Read more

Ontario steps up with dollars for skilled trades training centres

The Ontario government is adding $224 million to its Skills Development Fund to build and upgrade skilled trades training centres. The province also plans to spend $75 million more to support the operations and programming at new and existing centres to prepare workers for in-demand careers. “As we build Ontario, we’re providing more women and men with opportunities to begin or advance their careers in the skilled trades,” said Premier Doug Ford. » Read more