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EasyHeat SR Trace heating cable

April 24, 2010
By Anthony Capkun


EasyHeat’s SR Trace cables provide freeze protection for plastic or metal pipes and vessels in ambient temperatures down to -40ºF. The cables will also maintain liquids in pipes at a constant temperature to prevent degradation, or to preserve the required viscosity for flow conditions. The rugged, waterproof cables feature 18 AWG tinned copper bus wires, copper ground braid, flame-retardant TPE jacket and a modified polyolefin overjacket. They are available in power densities of 3W/sf, 5W/sf and 8W/sf at 50ºF for either 120vAC or 240vAC applications. Customers can specify pre-terminated cables or purchase 250-ft and 750-ft spools. All cables are UL listed and CSA certified.


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